Norsk Natur (Norwegian Nature)

Bone Cleaning

Arve Moen Bergset ~ KrkevisaYet another dead crowI twisted its neck to get the headIt took over an hour to remove all the meat and feathersThey say that the eyes are the mi...

Mushrooms and dark forests

Fall is upon us.~Vegvisir

Bjrgvin Viking Faire PART TWO

Part Two of Bjrgvin Viking Faire!A I have stolen this dress from another time and age, and I was therefore not very "historically correct"Whatever - I've still got a drinking horn.How about some v...

~Southern Norwegian Forest - A green winter~

Photography and copyright: Me.~Vegvisir~

~Samdalen - Vinter - Noreg~

Photographer/copyright : me. ~Vegvisir~

The Crows, Moss, Fur and the Fox.

My skulls ~Vegvisir~