september 2012

Bone Cleaning

Arve Moen Bergset ~ KrkevisaYet another dead crowI twisted its neck to get the headIt took over an hour to remove all the meat and feathersThey say that the eyes are the mi...


Translation: This isthe new additionto myhobbytaxidermycollection;A dead crow thatI foundalong acountry road.Idiscovereda holein its backwhen Iexamined thecrow(Itwas clear thatsomeone hadshotit wit...

Mushrooms and dark forests

Fall is upon us.~Vegvisir

Carved Skulls, Borre Viking Faire

There is nothing like viking art and skulls.~Vegvisir~

Borre Viking Faire (Part One)

This is Borreparken, where Borre Viking Faire took place. Many viking graves dated year 600-900 are to be found here. My dearest sister in spirit and I spent a whole night on top of the one on this...

Currently melting Ice Giants with Immense Heath

Self with a dear friend and fellow viking warrior at Borre Viking FaireI have been caught up in the dark realms of the norse forests lately. Now I feel that it is time for me to return to the New t...