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~ She.

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28.08.2013 kl.09:22

Way ahead of you! Jeg flger deg og eskapadene dine allerede. Og den megaste katten din :D


29.08.2013 kl.16:58

What this blog is all about after looking through a few posts...

"Look at me, I'm so pretty! Look at my amazing make-up and nails! Tell me how pretty I am! Look, here I'm even prettier! Look at me wearing this other outfit and this other, but really similar make-up! Ooo look at me now, I'm posing in front of or next to something really amazing that someone spent several weeks making! Look at all the awesome artwork everyone else but me is making! But it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm so pretty and self-centered!"

Calling urself a fucking viking QUEEN, haha! Or do u mean queen as in gay? I've never heard of a viking with nails, cleavage and make-up taken straight out of a porno film. FFS! Do u ever bring anything else to the table besides a pretty face? A true poser if there ever was one imo. Oh well, at least you're an attention whore with a medieval theme.


30.08.2013 kl.13:44

Rick: Well.. Way to spend a lot of energy trying to put me in a bad light. If you had worded this message differently, you could possibly have given constructive feedback. However, your way of writing just portrays a lack of respect and lack of information. Therefore, I get the impression that you do not really want to know what my blog is all about, but I am going to tell you anyway; It is about photography art (created by me and others when stated so) It is about norwegian nature. It is about viking inspired clothing - some of it that I myself have created with my very own hands. Very soon I will post viking -and norse mythology themed music that is also made by -and performed by me. My blog is about my interest in the Viking Age - and my own presentation of this interest shown in a modern light. I get the impression that you have something against gay people, since you have used the word "gay" as an attempt to insult me. As for my makeup- There is evidence that even viking men did use makeup occassionally. There is debate on this matter, but I will continue to use makeup no matter the debate, since makeup itself is an art expression. Please feel free to comment if you can manage to do so in a constructive and intelligent way. I will not spend more energy on you if you should fail to do so. No matter what, I will continue to create art in forms of photography, music and fashion. ~Sl Spydsdttir, The Viking Queen


30.08.2013 kl.14:04

Rick: Hello. I think you got sand in your vagina...

And if you actually are a guy (not very likely)... Wooooow, you're so awesome! *sarcastic clap*

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