Borre Viking Faire Part two

Viking tents. I visited a few at this faire and made some new friends. I even gave a very angry man some advice that succeeded to calm him down.

Dried moose meat

This guy really had the whole throat-singing under control.

The female part of the band "Skalthr". Highly entertaining!

A bracelet of moose teeth

Was this a special Viking Faire? Yes, it was, for I met old souls wandering around the graves at Borre.
Both living and dead came to honor their ancestors with their prescence at this faire.
Fighting, music, shopping, mead and good company made a good bonuses, and I had my share of all that.
One late evening I even had my own blot to the norse goddess Frya. Success.

~Sl Spydsdtttir / Vegvisir

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Eivind Ladejarl

20.11.2012 kl.20:00

Benny er dyktig til synge, ja. Gruppa hans heter Skvalthr

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