Girls and their swords

My dearest sister in spirit and I are currently refreshing our knowledge about how to fight good in viking battle.

At Borre Viking Faire we met the man who would become our trusted teacher;

His name is Jrn.

My sister in spirit is good! I proudly watched her fight. By the end of the day we were all bruised, but higly satisfied with the training. Pain is passing, glory is forever og all that. .
Valhall, here we come!

*Trollface* A good laugh makes one younger. I should know, ancient as I am.

We decided to make a hybrid braid of his beard and our hair.

Now, here is a movie of the amesome men that kindly accepted our request to join their tribe;

And here is an educational movie about viking fighting;

So tell me human; Hast Thou been swinging Thy sword lately?

~Sl Spydsdttir / Vegvisir

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02.10.2012 kl.18:31

Flinke er dere! Og Hihi, likte videoen som trenerene deres har laget!

Silje S.

03.10.2012 kl.20:23

Me like ^^

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