Translation: This is the new addition to my hobby taxidermy collection; A dead crow that I found along a country roadI discovered a hole in its back when I examined the crow (It was clear that someone had shot it with rifle.) I felt very lucky, for it was evident that it had died recently. If one wants to preserve parts of dead animals, it is necessary that the animal has been dead a very short time. Or else, flies and other insects will leave traces that are impossible to remove. This time I try to preserve the legs in addition to preparing the skull. I cut out the eyes with a perfect cut, and was a little sad when I discovered that I have no formalin to put them in. I need something that I can use as an excuse if I get tired of any guests I may have. Then, I can say something like; "I think you have to go home for the crow eyes are giving you an evil stare right now"


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20.09.2012 kl.17:50

Keep blogging, beautiful lady!

Hrodebert Airikr Hellsten

21.09.2012 kl.01:29

En korp vore något! Måtte det bara inte vara Hugin eller Munin. Du vet ju hur ängslig Oden är för att de en dag ej skall komma åter. :)

Hälsningar från Svea Rike.

Princess of Sorrow

11.10.2012 kl.00:27

Gegroet, mooie koningin, hier een prinses.

Hallo, beautiful queen, here a princess speaking. Means :

I discovered your site or blog a few weeks ago and was amazed. The pictures are of an exquisite beauty, art and perfection.

You must surely have a huge amount of similarities with me : interests, pagan, blonde, taxidermy, vikings, wolves, nature, woods, wild animals, etc. and I also think an independant character and a fierce temperament

I would like to ask a few things to you, about the viking jewelry, and the fairs, and so on.

And if I can give you a good advice. When you prepare dead animals, it is sometimes hard to cut of all the meat. The best way to clean them is to put the head in a recipient you can close well, filled with "biotex", washing powder for pre-washing and hot water, and let the product do its job. Every week, shake the recipient a few times and then open it after a month er more and the flesh will fall of mostly. Then you can rinse it and clean it and remove the remaining parts of skin and flesh. And then you can afterwards clean it with peroxide.

Pagan greetings,

The Princess of Sorrow



23.10.2012 kl.15:10

Princess of Sorrow:

Dear princess.

Thy comment truely made me smile. It pleases me to hear that there are fellow old sould out there. I think Thou nailed my personality with few words, for fierce indeed I am;) I give Thee my eternal gratitude for Thine words *deep queenly bows*

Any question is allowed- ask all that Thou want to ask!

I Thank Thee for the good advice. I shall try it next time that I find a "treasure" in the norse forests. How rejuvenating to hear from someone with similar interests!

May I hear from Thee again, princess.
Heathen Hails and Pagan Pride,

~Sól, The Viking Queen.


14.06.2013 kl.17:26

Jeg tror jeg elsker deg


03.09.2013 kl.22:41

Kom over bloggen din, og den traff meg i sjela...Eg begynte å lese kl. 10 i går, nå er den 04..Pokker


03.09.2013 kl.23:46

Mads: Så hyggelig å høre! Hehe- jeg håper du tok lesepauser *blink* Nå har jeg forresten begynt å blogge på

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