Currently melting Ice Giants with Immense Heath

Self with a dear friend and fellow viking warrior at Borre Viking Faire

I have been caught up in the dark realms of the norse forests lately. Now I feel that it is time for me to return to the New time and age. During the following days to come I shall post pictures from 'Borre Viking Faire' and other adventures and epic quests that I have attended. I shall also reply the messages, comments and emails that I have received during my absence. Fear not, fellow Old Souls, for I have come to stay. May our path continue for many years to come.

I raise my drinking horn for all my followers; I cerish you dearly.


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01.09.2012 kl.05:14

Horn raised to you and this wonderful blog!


Silje S.

04.09.2012 kl.04:18

I look forward to hearing more about all your adventures soon :)

May you walk strong and proud through life! *raises horn to the greatest of shield maidens*

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