Bjrgvin Viking Faire PART TWO

Part Two of Bjrgvin Viking Faire!

A I have stolen this dress from another time and age, and I was therefore not very "historically correct"

Whatever - I've still got a drinking horn.

How about some viking chess?

Simply by batting my scary eyes (You know - those I get after having devoured animal hearts), I got a very nice price from this man.

I met Viking chief Georg.

Linen are growing at this very spot. Man have been growing linen for over 10 000 years.

This man was telling tales of our old norse gods

...This woman was playing the harp beautifully to his words

"Ready to fight and defend our ship 'til the bitter end" ~Amon Amarth


Peter and Renate

Self, Georg of Gudvangr, and My dearest sister in spirit


Should you use any of my pictures, please credit the right artist - me.


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Branna Laurelin

08.08.2012 kl.21:20

U, jeg s aldri den harpa!!! *depper litt* Jaja, har jo mye finere harpe hjemme selv :p

h, det bildet av meg og Peter var fint! Tror du at jeg kan f det? Bare til personlig bruk, da.

Det er s koselig se gjennom bildene, det er jo s gode minner :)

Eric Heintz

19.08.2012 kl.01:47

I just stumbled unto your site and I love all of these photos. They are beautiful, I love seeing parts of Viking heritage. When does the faire take place and where? I would love to go.


18.05.2013 kl.17:12

hey im an irish re-enactor (between early vikings right up to the birth of the assault rifle) and i have to say you guys have some amazing kit and i would be interested in buying some of your work depending on how you feel about shipping abroad


18.05.2013 kl.19:52

oisin: Greetings, Irish friend! I am sorry to tell you that I do not sell the items. I am merely the photographer. If I were the creator/seller of the brautiful jewelry, I would feel delighted to ship abroad, but I am not.

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