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~ She.

Gudvangen Vikingmarked 2013 part two

The scenery was so divine that even our gods would behold it in silence.

This guy was so friendly. We ened up chatting for quite some time. I do enjoy talking to people at markets like these. Many came up to me and I really appreciated talking to every one of you who did. My heathen heart truly beats for you guys.

I found time to breathe here. 

My outfit

These girls were adorable. They were playing with the ashes of a bonfire, and I told them that they were cute. They replied: "We know," and that made them even cuter in my eyes. Adorable and arrogant? I love it. 

Gudvangr is beautiful and very peaceful. Believe it or not - vikings do not fight all the time. We spend a lot of time on looting bling too. 

I am so weak for skulls. I wanted to grab this particular one and run away screaming with joy. But  one cannot act that insane - or rude. 
Mark my words, people of Midgard ...I shall have one, one way or the other. 

I was waiting for mead from a friend. Sometimes, you have to get a little medicine to get through the day ;)

Behold!!! More skulls. 

Where there is weapons...

...You will find me. 

Next year I shall return to pillage with pride.
Gudvangr better be ready for me yet again. 

~Sól Spydsdóttir

~Gudvangr Viking Market '2013'~ Part one

I did attend Gudvangr Viking Market this summer. There are more pictures to come. 

~Sól Spydsdóttir

Divinity sprung forth from the forest realms

Pictures from my instagram account: @thevikingqueen

~Sól Spydsdóttir


I recently visited Borrehaugene again to feel the energies and take a few pictures of the scenery. To my pleasant surprise, I found a viking longhouse (under constructuon) that is soon to be finished. During the Viking Festival at Borre (6~7th of July) they will open it for the audience to see. That's what it is all about - Bringing the ancient into modern.

~Sól Spydsdóttir

Viking Bling in nature

Photos from my instagram account: @thevikingqueen

~Sól Spydsdóttir

Upcoming Viking- and Medieval Markets, summer "2013"

This summer like the last one, and the one before that, Norway has a lot of Viking- and medieval markets. 
I have made a list of those that I know about (with links) If any of you know of more than I have listed here, please fill me in!

A toast to the gods! (With my dearest Tathariel at Bjørgvin last summer)


31st of May~2nd of June: Tønsberg Medieval Festival (in Tønsberg, Norway) 

31st of May~2nd of June: Bjørgvin Viking Market  (At Hordamuseet in Bergen, Norway)

6th~9 th of June: Karmøy viking festival (at Karmøy in Rogaland, Norway)

7th~9th of June : The Medieval festival of Hamar (in Hamar, Norway)

7th~9th og June : Yddir Viking Market (at Hemnes, Aurskog-Høland, Norway)

15th~16th of June : Oslo Medieval festival (in Oslo, Norway)

14th~16th of June:  Hafrsfjord Viking Market  (at Møllebukta, in Rogaland, Norway)

20th~23rd of June: Trondheim viking market (at Djupvika in Trondheim, Norway)


6th ~7th of July: Viking Festival at Borre (Viking Battle show in Horten, Norway)

12th ~ 14th of July:
The Viking Festival at Egge (at Egge Museum in Steinkjer, Norway) 

12th-14th of July: The Viking marked at "Bronseplassen" (at Bronseplassen in Lillesand, Norway)

19th-21st of July: Gudvangr Viking Market (at Gudvangen in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)

19th- 21st of July: Kaupang at Janaheim (at Janaheim in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway)

19th ~21st of July: International Viking Festival in Sarpsborg, Norway 

24th-29th og July: Stiklastadir Market (at Stiklestad in Verdal, Norway)

26th - 28th of July: Harudes Viking camp



7th-13th of August: Lofotr Viking Festival (at Lofotr Viking Museum in Lofoten, Norway)

23rd-25th of August: Fenring Market (at Askøy in Hordaland, Norway)

29th of august-1st of September Askøy Viking Market


6th~8th of September: Gjallarstadir Viking Market (at Nebbursvollen in Lillestrøm, Norway)


Where might I meet YOU this summer?  

 ~Sól Spydsdóttir

~Oslo Medieval Faire, summer 2012~

I found that there are many viking age related items for sale at Medieval Faires.

Will you just look at this epic drinking horn.

My look, day one. I designed and made this dress many years ago.

(The two photos of me above were taken by Ida Sofie Vesterelv) 

I met Erik and Johan Holst from Gycklargruppen Trix

Friends came from far and wide...;



Ida Sofie and Camilla Rose

Tathariel, my sister in spirit.

My look, day two. The dress I am wearing is modified by me. It used to look completely different.

Just chilling. I found it amusing.

Medieval Faires are great fun to attend. I met a lot of blog readers and friends.
This summer, I am going to attend many Viking Faires and Medieval Faires. 

I am wondering who I might meet this time-
Whom of my readers are going to Faires in Norway this summer? 
Which Faires are you going to attend?

~Sól Spydsdóttir

Viking "Fight Video"

My dearest sister in spirit Tathariel and I participated in a "viking fight" video this Autumn with some admirable warriors.
Here?s the result of the hair whipping, steel clanking, muscle flexing and muddy adventure

~Sól Spydsdóttir 


Bonfire Night

Samdalen, 29th May "2012"

Silje <3 She brought water to make sure that we didn't burn down the forest.

I was in charge of the part that involved knifes

Lars Christian lit the fire.


Norway is magical, mystical and dark. I would not have it any other way.

Eld han tarv
som inn er komen
og um kne kulsar.
Til mat og klæde
den mann hev trong
som hev i fjell fari.

Elds er þörf,
þeims inn er kominn
ok á kné kalinn;
matar ok váða
er manni þörf,
þeim er hefr um fjall farit.

- Hávamál

 My friends and I went straight to the forest of Samdalen, Norway before the Bjørgvin Viking Faire this summer, and I wanted to share these pictures.
Ps: I shall unleash epicness upon Ye all.

~Sól Spydsdóttir / Vegvisir

Borre Viking Faire Part two

Viking tents. I visited a few at this faire and made some new friends. I even gave a very angry man some advice that succeeded to calm him down.

Dried moose meat

This guy really had the whole throat-singing under control.

The female part of the band "Skalthr". Highly entertaining!

A bracelet of moose teeth

Was this a special Viking Faire? Yes, it was, for I met old souls wandering around the graves at Borre.
Both living and dead came to honor their ancestors with their prescence at this faire.
Fighting, music, shopping, mead and good company made a good bonuses, and I had my share of all that.
One late evening I even had my own blot to the norse goddess Frøya. Success.

~Sól Spydsdótttir / Vegvisir

Girls and their swords

My dearest sister in spirit and I are currently refreshing our knowledge about how to fight good in viking battle. 

At Borre Viking Faire we met the man who would become our trusted teacher;

His name is Jørn.

My sister in spirit is good! I proudly watched her fight. By the end of the day we were all bruised, but higly satisfied with the training. Pain is passing, glory is forever og all that. .
Valhall, here we come!

*Trollface* A good laugh makes one younger. I should know, ancient as I am. 

We decided to make a hybrid braid of his beard and our hair. 

Now, here is a movie of the amesome men that kindly accepted our request to join their tribe;

And here is an educational movie about viking fighting;

So tell me human; Hast Thou been swinging Thy sword lately? 

~Sól Spydsdóttir / Vegvisir

Bone Cleaning

Arve Moen Bergset ~ Kråkevisa

Yet another dead crow

I twisted its neck to get the head

It took over an hour to remove all the meat and feathers

They say that the eyes are the mirror to the soul

...Bone cleaning; a long process for truely dedicated souls. It takes time, it smells and it requires patience and a steady hand. NB: The animals I use for my taxidermy/ bone cleaning have not suffered death by my hand. In other words; they are already dead when I find them. I give my thanks to the dead animals as I collect my treasures.

Equipment that i use for bone cleaning:
~ Kitchen gloves
~ Disposable gloves
~ A very sharp knife
 ~ Scalpel
~ Stålull
~ Cotton swabs
~ Hyppig skiftet vann gjennom 2 uker i ei bøtte
~ Hydrogen peroxide
~ Butter casserole

There are many different techniques when it comes to bone cleaning. I will show you the process that i prefer. Some might find my hobby grotesque, I see it as a way of using natures resources.  Completely natural and nothing to make a fuzz about.

~Sól / Vegvisir



Translation: This is the new addition to my hobby taxidermy collection; A dead crow that I found along a country roadI discovered a hole in its back when I examined the crow (It was clear that someone had shot it with rifle.) I felt very lucky, for it was evident that it had died recently. If one wants to preserve parts of dead animals, it is necessary that the animal has been dead a very short time. Or else, flies and other insects will leave traces that are impossible to remove. This time I try to preserve the legs in addition to preparing the skull. I cut out the eyes with a perfect cut, and was a little sad when I discovered that I have no formalin to put them in. I need something that I can use as an excuse if I get tired of any guests I may have. Then, I can say something like; "I think you have to go home for the crow eyes are giving you an evil stare right now"


Mushrooms and dark forests

Fall is upon us. 


Carved Skulls, Borre Viking Faire


There is nothing like viking art and skulls. 


Borre Viking Faire (Part One)

This is Borreparken, where Borre Viking Faire took place. Many viking graves dated year 600-900 are to be found here.  My dearest sister in spirit and I spent a whole night on top of the one on this very picture. There, we were talking with ancient souls, and practicing our throat singing skills from dusk til' dawn. 

This photo was taken by Wictoria Nordgaard.  She asked politely and I felt honored to pose for her. 
(All other photos by me)

Vikings came from far away to fight

Ah, the things we do to get to Valhall.

Behold; A swedish viking! (...As far as I can recall. My deepest apologies if all the mead and bonfires made me forgetful about Thy ethnicity)

Wool, linen and other naturally coloured fabrics were to be found everywhere

Carvings of Odin and Sleipnir on a Skull

And here, a video from Borre Viking Faire: made by my Dearest Sister in Spirit
Please notice the guy throat sining towards the end of this video... in his sleep(!) Hillarious, even for ancient souls like ourselves.

:This summer I spent time with some of my dearest friends. We drank mead, ate meat, danced and sang with fellow viking souls.
There was also room for purchasing new treasures, which I shal show off later. 


Currently melting Ice Giants with Immense Heath

Self with a dear friend and fellow viking warrior at Borre Viking Faire

I have been caught up in the dark realms of the norse forests lately. Now I feel that it is time for me to return to the New time and age. During the following days to come I shall post pictures from 'Borre Viking Faire' and other adventures and epic quests that I have attended. I shall also reply the messages, comments and emails that I have received during my absence. Fear not, fellow Old Souls, for I have come to stay. May our path continue for many years to come.

I raise my drinking horn for all my followers; I cerish you dearly.


Bjørgvin Viking Faire PART TWO

Part Two of Bjørgvin Viking Faire!

A  I have stolen this dress from another time and age, and I was therefore not very "historically correct"

Whatever - I've still got a drinking horn.

How about some viking chess?

Simply by batting my scary eyes (You know - those I get after having devoured animal hearts), I got a very nice price from this man.

I met Viking chief Georg.

Linen are growing at this very spot. Man have been growing linen for over 10 000 years.

This man was telling tales of our old norse gods

...This woman was playing the harp beautifully to his words

"Ready to fight and defend our ship 'til the bitter end" ~Amon Amarth


Peter and Renate

Self, Georg of Gudvangr, and My dearest sister in spirit


Should you use any of my pictures, please credit the right artist - me.


Bjørgvin Viking Faire Part One

To all my english readers - I greet Thee! Part one of Bjørgvin Viking Faire is here:

Viking ship

My heathen friends, Silje & Lars Christian

Self at Marked

~My hair, Bjørgvin Viking Faire~
I don't know how many reblogs/likes this picture has on tumblr. It's probably like 900-1000 by now.

Divine Self.


An ocean of bronze viking rings

This Mjölnir is one of few jewelry pieces that I brought home

Just like the crow I'm all into shiny things

Drinking horns

On my many journeys over the seven seas I have not yet gathered all the richess that I need to buy a whole marked.
In my barbarians I trust - they shall return to their queen with gold and silver

Ready to eat meat and drink mead.
(Silje, Self, My sister in spirit and Renate)

Rivers of mead were brought to our drinking horns

This viking had a huge drinking horn! He knew how to make guests laugh

Music was payed for our pleasure

The Fertility God Frøy

Frøydis is Vakr (beautiful in old norse)

There shall be more pictures from my visits to epic viking markets


Look, Borre Viking Faire "2012"

All photos by Wictoria Nordgaard


Forest Nymph

My hammer of Thor. ~ My Heathen Hammer.
The Dwarfs made it for me. But you can order it at any Goldsmith's (Snorre Design)

Incense in the moss

Traditional Natural Instruments from Norway on beaver fur (from left: Jotun flute, bone flute, Jews Harp)
Custom made by Magnar Storbækken

Elder Futhark Earrings. The Rune "Ansuz"

Self and my true home - The forests of The North.

Ósnotr maðr
þykkisk allt vita,
ef hann á sér í vá veru;
hittki hann veit,
hvat hann skal við kveða,
ef hans freista firar.
Vanklok mann
veit alt, han trur,
der millom bergi han bur.
Men når framandfolk
honom finn,
rådlaus røynest han då.
The unwise man
thinks he knows everything
if he has refuge for himself in a corner.
but he does not know
what he must say in reply,
if men test him.

Hávamál, 26.


My Viking Jewelry

Photography: by me


Memories from a Viking Store

Galleri Bryggen, det hanseatiske kvarter i Bergen:


 Egilssoga. Her er vakre linjer som Egil kveder etter at han har mistet sine sønner:
"Tungt det er tunga å røra
Eg orkar mest ikkje
anden å draga"
- Egil Skalgrimsson

Photography: by me.
Jewelry: Snorre design.

Denne butikken eksisterer ikke lenger, og jeg har ikke fått den betaling jeg ble lovet for arbeidet jeg gjorde der.
En mann er en mann, og et ord er et ord. Jeg skal ha hva som ble lovet meg.


Translation: This store no longer exist, and I have not been given the payment I was promised for the work I did there.
A man is a man, and a word is a word. I shall have what was promised me.


"The modern minds fear powerful women from ancient times"


Bjørgvin Marknad "2011"

Primus motor i Wardruna; Kvitrafn og hans episke instrument

Hill Odin!

Bjørgvin Marknad holdes i Bjørgvin sumarstid. Utrolig mange morsomme mennesker på en slike festivaler. Som den polske mannen som prøvde å selge såpe til meg ved å si at i de trodde at slike såper kunne "vaske syndene vekk i gamle dager." Jeg stirret uttrykslølst på ham og svarte: "Jeg tror ikke på synd. Og det gjorde ikke forfedrene mine heller"

Marknader/festivaler jeg har blitt fortalt om i år:

- Bjørgvin Marknad, Hordamuseet 1-3 juni
- Karmøy 7-10 juni
Oslo Middelalderfestival 16-17 juni
- Borg i Viken (dvs Sarpsborg) 16-17 juni
- Askøy på Herdla fort 20.-24. juni
-  Bronseplassen, 13-15 juli
- Gudvangen 20-22 juli.

Har du marknader å anbefale sommeren "2012"?

Translation: Bjørgvin Marknad is held in Bergen, Norway during summer. You will meet very many funny people at such festivals. For instance, There was a polish man trying to sell me a soap telling me that "it was believed to wash away sins in the old days"  I just stared at him motionless, and replied "I do not believe in sin. And nor did my ancestors" Hail Odin!  Words have been spread with the winds about dates and places for viking markets and festivals 2012, and they can be seen in the list above.


~Southern Norwegian Forest - A green winter~

Photography and copyright: Me.


Viking picnic at Bergenhus Festning- Bjørgvin

~Bjørgvin - Bergenhus festning~

Silje and I

My dear sister and my dear brother in spirit

...And I

 Det kommer tid, skal dere se.

 This is what a modern day viking picnic looks like! Ps- Vikings never had horns on their helmets. Ever.


~Samdalen - Vinter - Noreg~

Photographer/copyright : me. 


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